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    The experts at our business rekey locks in Barrhaven, ON, and respond fast to your urgent calls. We are equipped to rekey any lock system and offer our services on a 24 hour basis. In most cases, rekeying is necessary when keys are stolen or in possession of strangers. Did you move to a new apartment and want to rekey the existing lock? We are at your disposal to re-pin your locks to work with a different key. Is it urgent to rekey locks once an employee has left your company? Our technicians will help you in a timely manner. As long as you need help, Locksmith Barrhaven will be there to provide it.Rekey Locks Barrhaven

    Want emergency lock rekey in Barrhaven? Call our company

    Most locks incorporate a 5 or 6-pin system. The matching key is cut to fit the pins so that it will enter the keyhole and turn the lock to open the door. If you want to stop using this key, we change the pins of the lock and cut a new key replacement to match the new pins. So nobody will ever walk into your house or office without your permission. Since rekeying is often needed urgently, we offer emergency service. Are your keys stolen? Call us to rekey locks in Barrhaven 24/7.

    We rekey master locks

    Our locksmiths are equipped with special tools to rekey the lock of your house, car or office and produce a new key. Want to make your access easier with a master key system? Trust us with the service. With master keying, you actually have two or more keys working with one lock. One key is the master because it opens all locks and the other keys will only open a certain lock. This system is extremely helpful in apartment buildings or even homes and offices if you want to limit access to certain members of your family or office team. If you want to rekey the master lock, ask our help.

    We can help you with your key change and lock rekeying needs in timely fashion. Our technicians are discreet, skilled and trained to rekey any lock and provide services in Barrhaven, Ontario.